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Porsandoo, Captive of the Road (2) Yahya Ghaedi

Porsandoo, Captive of the Road (2)
Yahya Ghaedi
Tehran: Peynama Publication (First edition), 2020, p. 16
When she/he found out what her/his name was, she/he was glad that at least now she/he knew her/his name. However, another question was on her/his mind: who chose this name for me?
In this book, Porsandoo knows she/he is on the road or in the world, “she/he has been on this road since she/he can remember.” She/he also knows there are other beings on this road. But despite that she/he knows her/his own name, she/he doesn’t know the names of others and wants to know who chose these names for them.