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سپتامبر 8, 2021
بدرود فرانک
سپتامبر 17, 2021

Molavi’s(Rumi) Masnavi and Philosophy for Children


Molavi’s(Rumi) Masnavi and Philosophy for Children
Third book stories with instructional guide for facilitators
Yahya Ghaedi & Nasrin Lotfi
Tehran: Meraat Publication (First edition), 2019, p. 88
Despite the successful efforts that have been made since the arrival of philosophy for children in Iran, the lack of Persian resources and content for this curriculum has always been a major challenge and concern for the organizers of this curriculum and the executors of its workshops. This concern led us to review and re-read the valuable treasure of Persian literature and ancient Iranian literature in order to look at this cultural capital from a new perspective and to acquaint Iranian children with their cultural and literary background. Molavi’s Masnavi and Philosophy for Children is a step towards achieving this goal.
This book comprises 9 stories adopted from the stories of the third book of Molavi’s Masnavi. The stories have been written in simple language for children and each story is along with the instructional guide for facilitators. It is recommended that facilitators read the story before entering the classroom and consider the possible questions with its special guide (including suggested ideas, discussion plan and practices) to accompany their students in philosophizing with more readiness and through anticipating and understanding the atmosphere of conversations and the probable discussion process.