Poopak and Porsandoo
سپتامبر 27, 2021
فلسفه برای کودکان در برنامه درسی متوسطه (لویز و چندلی، ۲۰۱۲)
نوامبر 29, 2021

Porsandoo on the Road

Porsandoo on the Road (1)
Yahya Ghaedi
Tehran: Peynama Publication (First edition), 2020, p. 16
Porsandoo was walking on the road and thinking of her/his name that a crow came and asked her/him for the address of his nest, and then a fox, a sparrow and all who were on the road.
Porsandoo didn’t understand why everyone was asking her/him everything, while he/she knew nothing or at least thought he/she knew nothing. She/he only knew she/he was on the road…
There are two important concepts in this book: road and porsandoo. Road is a symbol of the world and porsandoo who is a symbol of a philosopher man who seeks the truth of herself/himself and the world.