Foundations of philosophical counselling: basics, methods and techniques
جولای 26, 2021
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Theoretical Foundations of Philosophy for Children

Theoretical Foundations of Philosophy for Children [In persian]
Yahya Ghaedi
Tehran: Meraat  press  (first edition), 2016, (page: 352)
Philosophy for children curriculum intends to improve the development  of reasoning,  creativity,ethical thinking, understanding, ability to find meaning in experience, and personal  and interpersonal growth(lipman,1989).Using the community of inquiry, this curriculum tries to realize the philosophical, social, moral, scientific, artistic, and literary inquiries that will lead to critical, creative, and caring thinking.
The purpose of this volume, organized in two parts and thirteen chapters, is to examine and criticize the theoretical foundations of philosophy for children. the first part is focused on the concept of philosophy and metaphysical, epistemological, and axiological foundations of the curriculum and description of the philosophy for children curriculum and the community inquiry. In the second part, the concept of philosophy, analytical philosophy, philosophy for children curriculum, Piaget’s point of view on the probability of educating the philosophy for children and etc are evaluated.
Philosophy for children has now found a prominent place among the pedagogical theories and it asserts to be an alternative to the educational systems.